Run4Camp 5K and Hike-a-Thon

Sky Ranch is excited to partner with Lutheran Outdoor Ministries again this year for the 2021 Run4Camp 5K!!

In 2020, Sky Ranch led the pack among participating Outdoor Ministries across the US. We ended the event with 117 participants who either walked, ran, biked, swam, or hiked their way to 5K greatness. Through the amazing support of participants and their sponsors we raised $45,271.25 for Sky Ranch!

For 2021, we are excited to build upon last year and have added a "Hike-a-Thon" option to the list. We loved seeing the pictures and texts from participants completing their 5K for camp.

More information is below, but here are the basics: If participating as a runner, walker, biker, swimmer, etc register and pay the registration fee and complete your 5K sometime before October 24 or join us up the mountain on Sunday, October 24 and hike your 5K around Sky Ranch.

Registered participants will receive a custom designed Sky Ranch Run4Camp T-Shirt!


Registration Deadline to receive T-Shirt is October 15


1. Register by visiting Each participant should register separately.

2. Pay your $25 registration fee below with the "Donate Now" button. In the memo line please list your name followed by "Run4Camp Registration"

3. Recruit sponsors to support you! Ask them to make a donation on this page, see the section below for sponsors

4. Complete your 5K  on or before October 24 or join us at Sky Ranch for the Hike-a-Thon. More information below.



1. Thank you for sponsoring a participant in this years Run4Camp 5K!!


2. To sponsor a participant, click the "donate now" button below. In the memo line please list the name of whom you are sponsoring followed by Run4Camp. Example: Sponsoring John Doe - Run4Camp



This year we are excited to add a Hike-a-Thon component to our Run4Camp 5K!! Join us at Sky Ranch on October 24 and hike to complete your 5K!

1. Guests can arrive any time after 9am and please check-in at the lodge

2. All hikers must be off trail and checked back in at camp by 4pm

3. Grab and go lunches are provided for those registered.


Registration questions? Contact Jeff Fairfax at

Hike-a-Thon @ Sky Ranch questions? Contact Cole Hemmah at

Registered Participants

Brad Abbott

Deb Abbott

Jeff Fairfax

Madeline Fairfax

Cal Fairfax

Tobias Fairfax

Cole Hemmah

Katie Jo Remmers

Eric Kurtz

Abigail Bendorf

Gena Koeberl

Bryan "Disaster" Jaster

Jason Jaster

Amy Jaster

Katelyn Jaster

Susan Glover

George Glover

Nicole Johnson

Aaron Johnson

Emmaline Johnson

Holden Johnson

Michael Neff

Katie Emery

Will Johnson

Arabella Engand

Rick Reiten

Lindsay Reiten

Anya Reiten

Linda Hemmah

Al Hemmah

Curtis Kline

Katie Kline

Sarah Hulslander

Tristan Knight

Katherine Knight

Joe Kiel

Justin Kiel

Kristopher Kiel

Lisa Dunworth

Barbara Dunworth

Kelsey Sprowell

Andrew Sprowell

Kathryn Seyfarth