Did you know that you can use your Colorado tax return as a donation to help out a local non-profit? You can! Taxpayers with a Colorado refund can use the “Voluntary Contributions” schedule to choose an eligible nonprofit to donate to from their tax refund. 


Tax season may not be everyone’s favorite time of the year, but a new program called ReFUND CO provides you the chance to support nonprofits in Colorado! Beginning this tax season, you can direct all or some of your Colorado state tax refund to Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp. All funds raised will be used to support our mission: “To facilitate an Encounter with Christ on the Mountaintops”.

Just share our registration number with your tax preparer and select the amount or look for the NEW additional option of “DONATE TO A COLORADO NONPROFIT FUND” on the Voluntary Contribution schedule and list the following 3 items to donate a portion or all of your 2019 Colorado tax refund. 

  1. Name of Organization: Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp

  2. Registration number: 20133027634

  3. The amount you wish to donate


For FAQ's about ReFUND CO, click here