BOLD - equipping and empowering youth to boldly lead in church and community

Nominations and applications will be accepted until February 1, 2019.

BOLD is a brand new year-long high school leadership program for youth from the Denver Metro area. In partnership with Lord of the Hills Lutheran Church in Aurora, this program is fully funded through a grant from the ELCA.

What is BOLD?

BOLD is a high school leadership program specifically created for youth who face barriers to attending summer camp or leadership programs. The program consists of a Spring Retreat (Equip), Youth Go! at Sky Ranch, and a Fall Retreat (Empower). 

Who is eligible?

Any youth currently in grades 9-12 and living in the Denver Metro area is eligible to participate. BOLD specifically targets youth who have not been able to participate in similar programs before. Youth of Color, LGBTQ+ youth, youth living with disabilities, low-income youth, and youth facing similar challenges will be given preference. Ideal candidates are excited to grow in faith as leaders and are committed to full participation in the program.

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What is the application process?

Pastors, youth directors, parents, guardians, or other adult mentors may nominate youth. Interested youth may also apply. Click the link above to nominate someone or to apply yourself. Additionally, all participants will need to have a completed release filled out by a parent/guardian.

How much does it cost?

BOLD is free of charge! Because of generous grant funding from the ELCA, 10 participants will be able to participate at no charge in 2019.  This includes all program fees, a physical exam (required for camp participation), equipment for camp, and transportation assistance. 

What do participants commit to?

Participants commit to participating in two retreats - one in the Spring and on in the Fall. Additionally, participants commit to participating the two-week Youth Go! program in June. 

How will participants benefit?

BOLD Leaders will get to make new friends, develop leadership skills, gain new mentors, grow in faith, and participate in service projects.

What happens at the retreats and Youth Go!? What can participants expect?

BOLD Leaders get to learn about peer ministry, worship together, and meet mentors during the retreats. At Sky Ranch, youth get to go backpacking, volunteer at Harvest Farm, lead worship, do team building, and more!